Rob Gardner, 2015

Tell us a bit about your professional background.

I have lived in NYC for thirty six years. For thirty two years of my life I primarily worked in the world of TV puppetry. My main job was as a Puppet Wrangler- a specialized stage manager for the puppets and puppeteers, coordinating props, costumes, etc. On occasion I would also puppeteer. I worked on such great shows as SESAME STREET, EUREKA’S CASTLE and BETWEEN THE LIONS.

Currently I am doing pet portraits for a living.
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When and why did you become involved in Broadway Direct Concerts?

I met Sarah Rice at a Creative Expression Class taught by the wonderful E. Katherine Kerr in 2005. I was exploring the comedy songs of Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer. Sarah took a shine to me and took me under her creative wing and I began to sing with Broadway Direct in Wurtsboro, NY.

Another highlight was singing with Sarah and friends at Merkin Hall.

But, the best was our duo cabaret show at the Metropolitan Room with SARAH AND ROBARE- THE WORLD TOUR!

How do you prepare?

I am a character actor. So I approach my songs as an actor. The song must immediately dictate a definite character in my mind and body. When I sing the comedic OYSTER SONG by Cole Porter I am not simply narrating the song… I BECOME the Oyster… with his point of view… with his voice… his body language. So when I am on stage I may be wearing a costume or not, or I may be walking with a different gait. That’s part of the fun. Who will ROBARE be this time?

What do you like about performing?

I have been a performer all my life. In my hometown of Harrisburg PA, I was a part of a great community theater. I made a living in Harrisburg for four years as a puppeteer- writing and performing my own one man puppet show.

Once a performer, always a performer!
Because of Sarah I have a current home as a performer!